Wolverine connection in Wakanda Forever - MCU ki duniya

Wolverine connection in Wakanda Forever

The newest MCU film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released on Friday. Fans of the Marvel movies are once more extremely thrilled. The MCU has always convinced audiences to buy tickets to see each movie that is a part of the universe thanks to interconnected movie narratives.

New characters like Namor, Attuma, and IronHeart are being introduced in Wakanda Forever, which will enhance the plot’s intrigue and appeal. Sad to say, Doctor Doom, a fan favourite, will no longer be in Wakanda Forever. This raises the question of who might be the real villain behind the conflict between Talocan and Wakanda. This can be resolved by the fan theory that links Wolverine to Wakanda, which is covered below.

How Mutants fit in Wakanda Forever?

As it is confirmed by Director Ryan Kyle Coogler and the producer of this film that Doctor Doom is not in Wakanda Forever, then some familiar character must be driving the plot behind the scenes. The theory states that William Stryker who started the Weapon X program must be the mastermind behind all of these.

Adamantium origin story in Wakanda
Adamantium origin
Twentieth Century Fox 

In the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the opening scenes shows that the whole mutants team goes in went search of adamantium in Africa. Where William Stryker learned about the origin of adamantium, which was extremely similar to the MCU’s depiction of the origin of vibranium. The origin of adamantium will be altered in this MCU, and it will now be created by combining steel alloy and vibranium alloy. Stryker must be in search of the strongest metal for his Weapon X program. The main motto of William Stryker is to extract it.

Wolverine easter egg in She-Hulk
Wolverine reference

The easter eggs shown in the She Hulk series proved that the Weapon X program is successfully executed. And also the plot of Wakanda Forever is set in October 2023, when the King died and the events of Endgame took place. If this fan theory turned out to Be true then it will officially confirm that a variant of Wolverine also exists in earth 616.

The X-entry Men’s into the MCU has been eagerly anticipated by Marvel fans ever since the rights were acquired back in 2019. Despite the lack of facts, many rumours have started to circulate that speculate on how Marvel might begin to incorporate some of the mutants into the already established universe. According to several news sources and reports, the Marvel Studios will not release a standalone X-Men film before 2025. So, as fans, all we can do is wait.