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Will Thor die in Love and Thunder ?

Will Thor die in Love and Thunder
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Chris Hemsworth announced that Thor Love and Thunder will be the last movie , in which he would be acting as a Thor . This news spread like a wildfire among Thor fans . Many started making theories of there own that Thor will be killed by Gorr The god butcher , and Jane Foster would become new Thor . Other fans made some meaningless theories . So , the main question arise will Thor die in Love and Thunder . The straight answer is ” NO ” , and there is plenty of reasons

Hear below is detailed reason that Thor will not die in Love and Thunder

Few past Marvel movies and Tv shows like Endgame , Hawkeye , Falcon and the Winter soldier it’s being a trend that old Avenger’s team had being replaced by new young heroes . Fans might be wondered that Thor will also get replaced by Jane foster . Thor Love and Thunder would be the perfect farewell movie for Chris Hemsworth .

Thor with storm breaker and Mjolnir
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So , Chris Hemsworth said that it’s that last Thor movie but he never said that he’ll never play Thor again . Thor will be seen again in upcoming Marvel movies . Or probably in next Avengers movie , as who can his forget god level superhero . Thor would be used against cosmic villains or some villain who could give evenly matched villains . Replacing Thor would be the biggest mistake as Marvel can explore this character deeply . We had not seen Thor’s potential properly as in comic’s many powerful versions were shown . So, how can Marvel replace such a important character .

If by chance Thor is replaced by Lady Thor , Marvel studios can lost it’s huge fan following . Currently except Spiderman : No way home no phase 4 movie had an impact on audience . Yes it made billion dollars but Fans were not happy with quality. Marvel is losing its own style of making movies . It is losing authenticity . Dropping such a great character like Thor would be a blunder . How can studio forgot about massive fan following