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Why Kang needs Ant-Man’s help?

Ant-Man 3 trailer scene
Scott Lang as Ant-man
Marvel Studios

Phase 5 of the MCU has officially here with the release of the second trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. In preparation for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in 2025, Marvel is making a stronger push. The clash between Ant-Man and Kang will be the movie’s focus. An agreement struck between them in the movie will catalyze their conflict. In exchange for the key to exiting the Quantum Realm and assisting Kang in leaving it, he is offering Scott the chance to travel through time and spend those lost years with Cassie

The lack of humour in the trailer suggests that this film will be dark and gloomy. T So, one of the biggest questions in the trailer is why Kang needs Ant-Man’s help. So, here is the theory that provides an answer to this question..

Why Ant-man is perfect for Kang’s mission

Why Kang needs Ant-Man's help?
Ant-Man trying to get the crystal for Kang
Marvel Studios

Kang requires Ant-Man’s assistance to bring the heart of Forever Crystal artifact. This artifact is unique because it allows anyone to change the timeline without creating a new branch timeline from that point on. However, this item is difficult to get since, as the trailer demonstrates, anyone who approaches the crystal quickly creates a new variant. Just as when Ant-Man came in the range of crystal, he splits into two.. According to theory Kang must have already tried to obtain the crystal by himself but due to selfish nature of Kang, every variant must have thought the same thing ( to use the artifact and conquer universe ).

The variants of Kang will never let the original Kang to take the crystal, instead, they will fight with themselves to gain it. So, Kang needs someone like Scott because Scott only wants crystal so that he can give it to Kang and get back the lost time. And also, it does not matter which variant of Ant-Man will bring the crystal to Kang because ultimately only Kang can help Scott. In the trailer, it is quite clear that every variant of Ant-Man is helping the original one to get the crystal.

But we all know things are not simple as that of course there will much more in the plot. Also, in the trailer we see Scott saying ‘ We had a deal ‘. This indirectly means Kang must have betrayed Scott despite receiving the forever crystal from Scott.