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Why Hulk was smaller than Abomination?

Abomination so big than Smart Hulk
Professor Hulk

“Whose Show Is This?” from She-Hulk may be the most inventive MCU entry on television since WandaVision. First and foremost, Intelligencia’s whole scheme was predicated on She-Hulk losing total control; they lured her and she is now in jail. A dream scene starring The Savage She-Hulk, a blurry video of a retro-style She-Hulk who wants you dead, is shown. Jen awakens, and her legal team offers her a plea bargain.

Her life has suddenly been flipped upside down; she has lost her job and apartment, and she must return to live with her parents. She is no longer able to change into She-Hulk. Feeling cheated, she seeks out Emil (Tim Roth) at his supervillain hideaway for a mental wellness day. She-Hulk tears up Kevin Feige’s Marvel Cinematic Universe towards the conclusion, shredding the rule book for how Marvel films should end. But apart from such ending this series showed us dispute between Hulk and Abomination. Which if showed us properly then it would improve such bad rating of this show. You might have noticed the height difference between Hulk and Abomination. Here is the reason behind this scene

Why Abomination so much larger than Hulk?

Abomination larger than Hulk
  1. The Abomination got his abilities after being exposed to gamma radiation in the same way that Bruce Banner was changed into the Incredible Hulk. As a result, he possesses more strength than the Hulk. In movies and video games, Abomination is always shown as taller and bigger than the Hulk. But in She hulk, the height difference is quite big, which led us to the second point of explanation.
  2. Prof. Hulk not supposed to be as intimidating, massive, or scary-looking, and he’s designed to provide comedic relief in certain aspects. He is smaller because he is weaker. In some ways, he’s Bruce combined with the Hulk. He is supposed to be more human than his monster counterpart. Most significantly, Hulk’s height is always determined by his rage ( more angry – more height ). From incredible Hulk to latest She Hulk series the height has been decreasing because in endgame he finally learns to control his Hulk’s personality.