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Who will play the next black panther?

The latest trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was released on 4th October, and it quickly went viral. This is the last movie of phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans have huge hope for this. since the first Black Panther entrenched itself as a blockbuster success. And Wakanda Forever appears to be continuing to build on the realm of its eponymous hero’s nation, as well as the influence that the Black Panther has on the world.

After T’Challa’s death, the first trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever confirmed what many fans had suspected: someone else will assume the role of the Black Panther. And, with the release of the entire teaser on Monday, Marvel has finally hinted at who may take over. In keeping with Marvel’s previous Phases, a woman will take on the job of Wakanda’s ruler.

Here are three relevant possibilities which explain who is the new Black Panther-

Is Shuri the next Black Panther?

Who is new Black Panther
Shuri as new Black Panther

The teaser concludes with Namor demonstrating his mutant ability to fly as he charges toward Wakandan airships. It ultimately concludes who will be the new Black Panther, and as fans may have suspected, Shuri appears to be taking over the legacy of her brother. Her Black Panther clothing has the same marks as shown in Black Panther 1 on her face.

Shuri has previously played the role of the Black Panther in Marvel Comics when supervillains captured T’Challa. She obtained Bast’s blessing and endured difficulties to consume the heart-shaped plant, all while putting an end to war. 

Okoye as new Panther

We’re all aware that in the comics, the title of Black Panther is given to someone in Wakanda’s line of succession first. However, the co-writer of the Black Panther film created a ceremony in which Wakanda’s political factions are given the opportunity to defeat the Black Panther in a single battle and thereby gain the armour and title. Shuri is clever but not particularly competent in fighting.

It’s quite obvious if the title of Black Panther is decided upon the battle, then no one comes close to Okoye in combat skills. It also appears that this character, as well as their elite flying forces, the Midnight Angels, will be explored more in Wakanda Forever.

M’Baku will be new Black Panther

Mbaku the new Black Panther
M’Baku in Black Panther

( Spoiler warning ) This is a leak that has sparked Internet speculation regarding the film. According to the theory, Shuri will be assisted by M’Baku, the chief of the Jabari Clan. M’Baku originally appeared in Black Panther to battle King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) for the right to rule Wakanda, but by the conclusion of the film, M’Baku had joined T’Challa to safeguard Wakanda’s future.

There will be two Black Panthers in this sequel. Both Shuri and M’Baku will fight Namor and his troops. M’Baku will be treated as Shuri’s sidekick.

So, to summarize, Shuri is almost probably the next Black Panther. The chirpy princess was a standout in Black Panther. Shuri has a comic pattern for being Wakanda’s most powerful guardian, and the film’s new suit looks to be based on her design.

But let’s hope that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will surprise us in ways other than who is the next Black Panther.

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