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Werewolf by Night full story explained

Man-Thing Werewolf by Night

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slammed for being too light and flashy for years. Even though the films are pleasant, critics have stated that they are identical to one another. Following the experiments of WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2, Werewolf by Night finally breaks the chains providing viewers with the most original, refreshing, and un-Marvel-like visual in years.

This R-rated show Werewolf by Night is a homage to horror making it a monster mash for the ages that introduces several new characters to the MCU. Before the full story of Werewolf by Night here is the main cast of the short film –

Gael Garcia Bernal – Jack Russell portrays the iconic werewolf. 
Laura Donnelly – Elsa Bloodstone 
Voice has given by Carey Jones  – Man-Thing

Werewolf by Night explained

Werewolf by Night explained
Jack Russell and his friend Ted

The story of Werewolf by Night begins with the death of Ulysses Bloodstone, the head of an unidentified monster-hunting organisation and rightful owner of the magical Bloodstone. In his funeral Verussa (Elsa Bloodstone’s stepmother) assembles a group of monster (including Jack Russell) hunters with the purpose of acquiring the Bloodstone. Also Elsa, Ulysses’ daughter, also arrives to battle for the Bloodstone, despite Verussa’s advice.

Verussa arranged the tournament and set the rules for the hunt. The hunt begins in a big complicated maze on the estate grounds, with an imprisoned monster seeded with the Bloodstone. As the search progresses, each hunter decides to kill the other to obtain the Bloodstone.

But here’s the twist: Following a meeting with Elsa, Russell discovers the monster and actually he was looking for this and meant to save it, as he was an old friend of the monster. The monster is Man-Thing. Russell decides to carry out his escape plan but coincidently reunites with Elsa in a tomb. They agree to collaborate in order to release Ted and retrieve the Bloodstone. Ted kills another hunter, and Russell destroys the maze’s outer wall, allowing them to escape. After Elsa takes the Bloodstone from Ted, he runs into the woods. As Verussa and the other hunters approach, the Bloodstone responds strongly to Russell’s touch, revealing that he, too, is a monster.

Ending of Werewolf by Night

Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night
Jack Russell in Werewolf

Verussa kidnaps Russell and Elsa and confines them in a cage. Where Russell sniffs Elsa so he could still remember her after becoming the monster. Verussa uses the Bloodstone to cause Russell to shift into a Werewolf. The werewolf breaches the cage and massacres Verussa’s guards brutally. But Verussa uses the Bloodstone to tame him. Elsa escapes as well, killing the two remaining hunters and preventing Verussa from murdering the Werewolf.

The werewolf approaches Elsa, but when he recognises her, he spares her and flees from the place. Angry Verussa attempts to kill Elsa knowing that Werewolf left the place. but is burned by Ted, who then departs to locate Russell. In the end, leaving Elsa in control of the manor and the Bloodstone.