Black Panther is one of the most known heroes that have appeared over the years in Marvel. However, this character exists in throughout the multiverse. Here are the unknown variants of Black Panther.

Vibranium Man


Since Vibranium Man's parents launched him into space as a newborn, emulating Superman's origin, this variation did not acquire his abilities from the plant with a heart-shaped shape. 

He does, however, have an extremely sophisticated alien vibranium armour, which makes him more like Iron Man.   He has increased strength and durability from the armour, 

Ghost Panther


The Infinity Warps comic book gave rise to Ghost Panther. The abilities of Black Panther and Ghost Rider are combined in this variant.

He immediately ranks among the most potent magical beings in Marvel Comics thanks to his Hellfire manipulation and supernatural awareness. He rides on a flaming black panther.

Black Panther (1000000 B.C.)


This variant represents the Panther Tribe chief from Earth-616's prehistoric epoch; he is a member of the Avengers from 1000000 B.C. 

Even though he has abilities same to those of his progeny, he was competent to hold Mjölnir. In fact, according to the comics, he was the first besides Odin to ever do so.

 Ultimate Black Panther


This Variant arose from Earth-1610, the Ultimate Comics setting that gave rise to Miles Morales. He was the perfect candidate for the Weapon X programme in this realm.

He possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and a healing factor.

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