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Who doesn't know great Stan lee but did you know, he with some of the famous artists in comics created Just Imagine for DC comics heroes for Earth 6.

Maria Mendoza remake of Wonder Woman Main villain- Guitez Abilities- super-strength, flight, golden energy manipulation Weapon - Golden staff of Manco Capac

Maria Mendoza comes of Meso-American origin. The staff chose her and became Wonder Woman. With the powers of the Sun-god, she defeated Guitez.

Salden remake of Superman   Main villain - Gorrok   Abilities- super speed, super-strenght, flight, highly durable

A genetically-altered being from Krypton. Salden is on mission to caught up Gorok. Together they transported to Earth and discovered their powers. At last, he was able to defeat Gorrock.

Wayne Williams remake of Batman    Main villain- Handz   Abilities- skilled hand to hand fighter, master tactician, strategist, martial artist

In prison, Wayne made friends with inmates. These inmates trained, made him a fighter. Frederick Grant doctor of physics helps him to create a costume. He then went back to Handz and killed him.

Robert Rogers remake of Shazam   Main villian- Morgana le fey  Abilities- super-strenght, flight, highly durable

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A wizard Merlin created a magical being (Shazam) to fight evil Morgana in the future. In India old fakir transferred the power of Shazam to Robert.

Ramon Raymond remake of Aquaman  Main villain- Reverend Darrk   Abilities- can turn his body into pure water, aqua kinesis, shoot waterjets, highly durable

Ramon is marine life explorer. On injecting himself with the DNA of dolphins.  The green mist of the Tree of Life enveloped him and transformed him into Aquaman.

Mary Maxwell remake of Flash   Main villain-  Andrea Zakara  Abilities- super-speed, time travelling

Mary fell into a sea of green water. making her sick for many days. Her father used DNA of a hummingbird as medicine. The DNA mixed with the green matter gave her the power of super speed.

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