I Am Groot

 Release Date - Aug 10, 2022

This is spin off series of Groot. 10 short episodes will be shown . The timeline of this series is between Gaurdian of Galaxy 2 to Infinity war.

What if - Season 2

Expected release - Early 2023

As the multiverse is introduced and due to success of season 1 , season 2 will return soon . Because possibilities are endless .

X- Men 97

Expected release - End 2023

This series will continue the animated series, which ran from 1992 to 1997 on Fox kids.

Spiderman: Freshman year 

Expected release - Early 2024

It will be shown as a prequel and will focus on how Peter Parker becomes Spiderman in alternate universe .

MARVEL Zombies

Expected release - Mid 2024

After 5th episode of What if series became so popular , that Marvel finally announced R-rated spin-off series .

Spiderman: Sophomore year 

Expected release - Mid 2026

Nothing much is revealed about this series. It is said that it's the sequel of Freshman year.

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