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Why Hulk was smaller than Abomination?

“Whose Show Is This?” from She-Hulk may be the most inventive MCU entry on television since WandaVision. First and foremost, Intelligencia’s whole scheme was predicated on She-Hulk losing total control; they lured her and she is now in jail. A dream scene starring The Savage She-Hulk, a blurry video of a retro-style She-Hulk who wants you dead, … Read more

Seven soulmates of Emil Blonsky explained

Episode 2 of She Hulk lasts only 22:53 minutes. It did, however, contain a lot of hidden references that hint at the direction the MCU is taking. This episode opens with a news report in which Titania is introduced as a “super-powered influencer.” After the courtroom sequence in episode 1, Jennifer made headlines when she … Read more