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Seven soulmates of Emil Blonsky explained

Episode 2 of She Hulk lasts only 22:53 minutes. It did, however, contain a lot of hidden references that hint at the direction the MCU is taking. This episode opens with a news report in which Titania is introduced as a “super-powered influencer.” After the courtroom sequence in episode 1, Jennifer made headlines when she transformed into She-Hulk to protect others from Titania. She eventually rejoins GLK&H as a result of losing her job, but she must work in She-Hulk form. The best scene in the entire episode was when she was reading an article, below there were two headlines that tease Wolverine and the unborn Celestial.

Now that She Hulk had returned, Emil Blonsky was her very first client ( Abomination ). Abomination was taken into custody at the DODC high-security prison, where She Hulk first met him.

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Emil Blonsky in DODC jail Disney+

Now that Emil indicated that he wants to start a new life with seven soulmates, this entire dialogue has just revealed the biggest spoiler regarding the Thunderbolts squad. The dialogue makes it evident that Emil has undergone significant change, and he also apologised to Bruce. He now has full authority over Abomination and wants to start a new adventure.

Did anyone note, though, that he has seven friends? If so, this might set up the plot of the Thunderbolts movie. Since Abomination was a founding member of this squad in the comics, it seems certain that he will be a part of it. Baron Zemo, John Walker,  are also confirmed to be on the team in addition to Abomination. Maybe the seven friends of Emil will also play a major role in Thunderbolts. The members of the team will be recruited by none other than Valentina Fontaine, so it will be amazing to watch how they all work collectively.

What is Thunderbolts team?

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In comic books, a group of antiheroes band together to defend the planet. There are several variations of this squad, and each team comprises unique anti-heroes. Baron Zemo created the comics’ most well-known team. The major Avengers are currently divided, presenting the perfect opportunity to establish this team in the MCU.

According to leaks and updates, 5 anti heroes out of seven soulmate might be –

The Leader – If Incredible hulk storyline is connected to MCU, then Samuel Stern will also be there.

Punisher – This character will surely return in MCU in Daredevil series.

Agent Venom – Remember a tiny part of Venom is still lurking on earth-616.

Baron Zemo – Introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

US Agent – Introduced in Falcon and the Winter Soldier