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See how Jameela Jamil turns into Titania

Jameela Jamil is all set to make her debut in the Marvel universe with She Hulk series. She will be playing Titania in this Disney+ series. Fans are very excited that a dedicated series of She Hulk is coming on 18th August 2022. Fans are guessing that Titania will be the main villain in this series. But actress Jameela jokes about Titania that it would be the most annoying villain of MCU.

The trailer and few-second clips of She hulk have teased us enough. The fans are in split, many of them are joking about the VFX used and they are not pleased enough to see Hulk so week. But many of them are excited because of characters like Daredevil, Wong and Abomination. It is rumoured that Doctor Doom is connected with Titania, and can also appear in the last episode. Because in Marvel comics Doom gives Titania her superpowers using alien technology. Well, Jameela has not said anything about this but Marvel fans will go crazy if this happens. In comics, Titania is as strong as She hulk.

In one of the BTS videos of She hulk see how actress Jameela Jamil is getting ready for her Titania role. The costume of Titania is not that comic-accurate.

Jameela Jamil in Titania role
Image taken from Jameela Jamil

This She Hulk series will be one of the most important project in 4th phase of MCU. It will eventually set the plot for the upcoming Daredevil series, as said earlier Titania can also introduce Doctor Doom. It will explain how Abomination is arrested and why Wong was using him.

Did you know that She Hulk can defeat very strong Marvel characters and apart from She Hulk, 6 marvel characters can also break 4th wall.

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