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Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom’s love story

Sacrlet Witch and Doctor Doom love story
Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom
Marvel comics

Scarlet Witch and Vision, two Avengers heroes, had a loving relationship in the movie WandaVision. Their relationship has defined them both for the better part of four decades and across the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Wanda has nurtured romantic feelings for several Marvel Comics characters over the years despite Vision.

Doctor Doom, arguably the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe, is the subject of one of Wanda’s most bizarre relationships. In Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade miniseries, their strange friendship was shown.  Here is the complete explanation of the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom’s love story.

Scarlet Witch and Dr Doom’s love story explained

Scarlet Witch comics
Scarlet Witch
Marvel Comics

Characters involved

Scarlet Witch– Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Magneto
Doctor Doom– Victor von Doom
Wiccan – Billy, real son willed into existence by the Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch had been the most important character in Avengers. She was devastated by the death of the imaginary children she created and turned her wrath on the good guys, killing three Avengers and rendering 99.9% of all mutants powerless. Permanently. She vanished for several years, which was appropriate. Wiccan, on the other hand, had some unpredictable superpowers of his own that altered reality. His Young Avengers team searches for Wanda out of fear that he’ll lose control and exterminate yet another vulnerable race like her mother. Soon they discover her in the Doctor Doom’s manor.

Wiccan rushed inside the Doom’s castle, where Doctor Doom is defended against by the Wiccan. Wiccan expresses his suspicion that Wanda Maximoff was abducted, but Doom insists that she came here of her own free choice, and Wiccan doesn’t accept it. He tries to tell Wanda who she truly is and who her boys are while holding up a magical shield. but Doom knocks him out before he can. Wanda is persuaded by Doom to prepare for the future when they get married tomorrow.

The Young Avengers, Magneto, and Quicksilver try to come up with a plan to enter Castle Doom from outside. Wanda walks in wearing her wedding dress while Wiccan tries to chant to regain his powers. She acknowledges that everything seemed ideal up until he appeared and sparked her interest in her previous identity. Wiccan consents to inform her if she can show him how to get out. Along the journey, he speaks about her past as the Scarlet Witch, who was married to the Vision and believed to have twin sons. However, when Master Pandemonium seized their souls on behalf of Mephisto, it caused her to go insane and gave rise to the Young Avengers.