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Werewolf by Night full story explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been slammed for being too light and flashy for years. Even though the films are pleasant, critics have stated that they are identical to one another. Following the experiments of WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2, Werewolf by Night finally breaks the chains providing viewers with the most original, refreshing, and un-Marvel-like visual … Read more

Name of Sneakers owned by Pug in She-Hulk

As it approached halfway of its nine-episode season, the Disney+ series of  She-Hulk teased the coming of a big Marvel hero. In Episode 5, named “Mean, Green and Straight Poured into These Jeans.” Jennifer and GLK&H coworker Mallory teamed together to challenge superpowered influencer Titania’s ridiculously using “She-Hulk” name in her brand. Amid the midst of this court action and at the demand … Read more

Is Thor a joke now?


Thor : Love and Thunder has been the most awaited Marvel movie in phase 4 . After Thor Ragnarok fans had high hope for this part also . But unfortunately it really disappointing to say that Taika Waititi’s magic didn’t work this time . Here’s the complete spoiler free Thor Love and Thunder review . … Read more

Things you missed in Ms. Marvel ep-3

Ms. Marvel ep-3 is a main episode which build up the further character of Kamala Khan. It mainly about the origin of two bangles and how Kamala got her powers from it. It shows her great grandmother Aisha and Najma ‘s brief history . Najma told Kamala explains how the bangle unlocked her powers because … Read more