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Origin story of Sentry in Marvel comics

If a recent rumour is to be believed, the Sentry will play a villain in Thunderbolts. Based on remarks made by reputable scooper Daniel Richtman, Twitter is inundated with rumours. Richtman earlier asserted that Thunderbolts’ main opponent would be an “evil Superman” persona created by Marvel Studios. The Sentry undoubtedly meets the criteria because he shares the same superpowers as Man of Steel and is closely connected to the evil force known as the Void. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are still confused about whether Richtman meant the Sentry or another Superman-like character, Hyperion.

If he does appear in Thunderbolts, could be the “bomb” that Thunderbolts star David Harbour alluded to in a recent interview. So, without wasting any time let’s jump into the origin story of Sentry.

Origin Story of Sentry

Origin of Sentry
Origin story of Sentry
Marvel Comics

Project: Sentry, an effort to not only replicate the Super Soldier Serum but also, in the post-war arrogance, magnify its effects more, was born in March 1947 when United States Operation: Rebirth pooled their resources. Unfortunately, after thirty years, it had been broken up into almost a thousand separate projects, with the lab work being contracted out to independent businesses.

The Project’s overall administration was essentially nonexistent. Meth addict Robert Reynolds broke into an anonymous professor’s lab one day. There is where he found the Golden Sentry Serum. Robert Reynolds ingested the substance and become as powerful as a million bursting suns. Both his partner and the lab guards were killed in this incident. Afterwards, he requested that the Professor create more of the substance.

Horrified by the results of their carelessness, persuaded Reynolds to allow them to test his abilities at their laboratory. However, they were unable to keep him contained for very long, and the Sentry eventually made his public debut. Reynolds put together a costume and made his debut as the brave Sentry after crushing the school bullies who had mistreated him. In direct contrast to the often weird nature of the other heroes, The Sentry was a positive and well-liked hero.

Sentry served as an inspiration for the youthful hero and served as an ally of the X-Men, Reed Richards’ equal, and the outcast Hulk’s comrade. The Sentry even engaged in combat with Dr Doom with the Fantastic Four, and with the help of the X-Men, vanquished the General, who was his greatest foe. The Sentry wed Lindy, his true love, during this time.

Death of Sentry

The first hero to perish during Knull’s invasion has been avenged in the finest way possible as part of Marvel’s King in Black comic storyline. A huge group of heroes, including Robert Reynolds ( The Sentry ), fiercely oppose the God of Symbiotes at the outset of his invasion of Earth. The Avengers are certain that Reynolds can defeat the dangerous menace because he has demonstrated tremendous amounts of power in the past. Unfortunately, Knull disproves them by controlling the Void, a terrible entity that resides within the Sentry and slicing the hero in half.

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