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Namor and Sue Storm love story explained

The long-awaited new trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever showed us how the whole of Wakanda is coping with T’Challa’s death. However, the trailer, which was unveiled at the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, only revealed Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Tenoch Huerta), who appears to be the film’s antagonist. Despite being one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, Namor has never before been featured in the MCU.

Namor, who is a very interesting figure, had an odd romance with Sue Storm in the comics. The Invisible Woman and mother of two, Sue Storm, is always a target of Namor, the ruler of Atlantis. Oh, there is numerous incident of Namor stalking and harassing the Invisible Woman. In comics, this Atlantean king will always be associated with the Fantastic Four. This Bonding is spread in different comic book series of Fantastic Four.

Here is the full explanation of Namor and Sue Storm’s love story-

Fantastic Four #4

Fantastic Four vs Nmaor 2 MCU ki duniya Namor and Sue Storm love story explained
Namor explaining Reed Richards
Marvel comics

Namor learns that mankind hasn’t been very nice to his ocean. He tries to attack humans on the surface, but the Fantastic Four are fortunately present to stop him. So, that’s how the two met for the first time. Let’s fast-forward by 40 years. Sue has two amazing children (a genius and a mutant who can change reality) and her marriage to Reed Richards is still healthy. The team is extremely wealthy, has its own building, and has earned the respect of the Marvel universe. But Namor’s longing for Sue hasn’t faded at all. That’s where the problem arises.

Fantastic Four #6, volume 3

namor expressing love to sue
Namor expressing his feelings to Sue Storm
Marvel comics

One day Sue found herself utterly alone and ignored. when she was chilling in the pool, Namor was quietly watching her from the bottom of the pool. He dragged her deep into the water and bring back to the surface, Sue shared her feelings about being lonely. As a lover, Namor comforted her with his words. As a result of this, they developed odd chemistry. After a poor first impression, Namor and the Fantastic Four wind up developing a strange bond. Sue now always declines his proposal. But why does she tolerate that for such a long time? maybe her husband, the most intelligent person alive, is always occupied and unavailable emotionally. She uses Namor to get attention.

Fantastic Four: 1234 miniseries

Namor  kisses Sue storm
Namor kisses Sue Storm
Marvel comics

This series is romantic but sadly it doesn’t fit in the Marvel universe. Dr Doom decides to eliminate the Fantastic Four one at a time. He discovers and takes advantage of their major weakness. Namor came to Sue and expressed his deep-buried feelings. But again unlucky for him, She gets a call from her brother in need of aid underground. Breaking his commitment to Dr Doom Namor follows her. After helping Sue thanked Namor and finally in front of the Human Torch and the Thing, she kisses him and they even don’t try to hide it. Hopefully, Sue and Reed enjoy a solid relationship after that.

Well hope so enjoyed this weird and complicated relation of Namor and Sue Storm.

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