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Ms Marvel is a mutant! explained

Ms Marvel Tv show ended with bang . This last episode is the best of all six of them . It started with family drama where Kamala revealed about her superpower but her parents knew about that already . On the other hand Kamran and Bruno were running away from DDC ( Department of Damage control ). Then Kamala and her friends Bruno , Nakia and Zoe helped Kamran to escape from DDC . Kamran met Kareem ( Red Dagger ) in the last scene .

But it didn’t end here , beautiful bond was shown between Kamala and her father , where her father explained meaning of her name and gave her title ” Ms Marvel ” . Well the most interesting part came at the end scene and post credit scene . Here is the complete explanation –


Is Ms Marvel really a mutant

Kamala experiencing her powers for first time .


Image Credit – Disney+

Bruno’s 3 words sentence in the end scene ” Like a Mutant “ completely stunned us . He explained that Kamala’s genes are much different from her family members. After he said this sentence you can notice X-Men theme song of year 90’s being played in the background .

It of course teased us that Marvel will introduce mutants soon in this present timeline . but it will be interesting to know that how it will take place . So Ms Marvel could be possibly a mutant because as we know that her great grandmother Aisha was clandestine , and she had a daughter with Hasan who was human like us. This means , genes of clandestine were mutated and it was transferred to next two generation of her family. Which made Kamala a mutant and not a clandestine . Maybe she will get to know more in next movie ” The Marvels ” .


How Captain Marvel got teleported

Captain Marvel accidently teleports

This post credit scene was enough to create hype for the upcoming movie ” The Marvels “ . The T.V series ended with scene where Captain Marvel got accidently teleport in Kamal’s house, basically they got swapped. The possible answer might be related to Ms Marvel’s bangle , which illuminated some strange light. This bangle might had power to swap anyone’s position. Whenever the person think about someone or there might some different answer. It is completely weird that how she got teleported to Kamala’s house . Maybe we’ll get answer in movie ” The Marvels ” , where this could be first scene of this movie .