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Ms marvel’s future in MCU

End credit scene of Ms Marvel was among the best element in this series. It created much needed hype for upcoming movie ” The Marvels ” . where we will all get to see Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Kamala together . This end scene connects Ms Marvel perfectly with greater MCU .

Possibly Ms Marvel can be connected with Shang chi and Captain Marvel because Ten rings and Bangles are interlinked. Here are points which prove it does –

Ms marvel episode 3 –

ten rings connection
image credit – Ms Marvel episode 3/ Disney+

Great grandmother of Kamala , Aisha got the bangle from the temple where we can see ten rings symbol around the floor. Also Aiysha took the bangle from dead blue body, maybe it is Kree’s hand.

Post credit scene of Shang chi –

captain marvel in Shangchi movie
Image credit: marvel entertainment

After analyzing Ten rings even Wong couldn’t understand the mechanism of Ten rings. Bruce Banner told the rings were thousand years old . Captain Marvel also added that it was much different alien technology. But the main point in that scene rings were illuminating somewhat same as Ms marvel’s bangles. when Kamala was about to teleport in the end scene. Maybe the rings were indicating that other bangle (of Ms Marvel) was activated again.

Comic book explaination –

In comics, similar artifact Negabands is shown. Which is kind of similar to bangles shown in Ms Marvel. So, these Negabands belong to the Kree civilization. After wearing these pair of band Mar-vell ( Kree being ) becomes the protector of Kree civilization in comics. These bangle gives superhuman ability to him.

Marvell Marvel comics
Image credit: Marvel comics

This bands harness power from negative dimension. So, Marvell once got stuck in the negative dimension but luckily on Earth Rick Jones ( friend of Hulk ) got other pair of negabands. When Rick Jones used this bands he automatically got swapped with Mar-vell. This scene is totally same as post credit scene shown in Ms Marvel .

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Image credit: George Marston / Marvel Entertainment

So, at the end proper origin of the bangle and ten rings will be seen on upcoming movie ” The Marvels” . Which will connect Ms Marvel to young Avengers team .