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Things you missed in Ms. Marvel ep-3

Ms Marvel ep 3 breakdown
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Ms. Marvel ep-3 is a main episode which build up the further character of Kamala Khan. It mainly about the origin of two bangles and how Kamala got her powers from it. It shows her great grandmother Aisha and Najma ‘s brief history . Najma told Kamala explains how the bangle unlocked her powers because she was half Djinn . Since they are Clandestines, commonly known as Djinn, who hail from another dimension. They can’t access its full potential to get return to there own dimension .

Things you probably missed

Connection of Ten Rings – While narrating the story to Kamala , Najma told how she and Aisha got separated , during this scene we got to know that temple they were standing was built by Mandarin ( Shang chi’s father )

ten rings connection with ms marvel
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. The blue coloured hand which was stuck between the ruins might be some Djinn’s hand . The Ten Rings is highly similar to this bangle . So, according to fan theory the other bangle that Ten Rings only , Mandarin might have changed this bangle into rings . So ,this Djinn might have come to take other bangle from Mandarin but eventually lost battle with Mandarin and died .

Kree hand

Did anyone remember that in post credit scene ten rings vibrates when Wong was inspecting it .This might be the signal that other bangle was activated by Kamala .

Kree connection with Djinn – This might be some other possibility that the blue hand which was stuck can be hand of a Kree . Kree wanted to unlock the full potential of two bangles but got lost with Mandarin . So Clandestines were actually made by Kree civilization , as we know that Kree civilization used to experiment on different planets to make biological weapons . This theory can possibly join Kamala Khan to Captain Marvel .

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There are rumours stating that in Captain Marvel 2 movie we will get see Kamala Khan also .