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Mephisto in upcoming Ironheart series

Ironheart is an upcoming web series on Disney+, based on the Marvel Comics character Ironheart. The series is a continuation of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The first season will have six episodes and we will get to see in early 2023. At the present, Ironheart takes precedence over a Wakanda spinoff. Dominique Thorne’s character, Riri Williams, is slated to make her appearance in Wakanda Forever to assist Shuri and the others in fending off Namor with her new iron suit. As a tribute to Iron Man, the 15-year-old engineering genius is set to play a key role in the franchise coming ahead.

More than this fans are thrilled to hear that the MCU will finally introduce the long-awaited villain Mephisto in the new Ironheart series. Since WandaVision, when the Disney+ show seemed to frequently hint at the involvement of Marvel’s Devil, fans have been eager to see Mephisto in the MCU. According to new sources, Sacha Baron Cohen will play Mephisto in Ironheart, which means he will officially join the MCU during Phase 5.

Who is Mephisto?

Mephisto origin in Ironheart
Marvel comics

While the facts of Mephisto’s original origin are lost to antiquity, he is an immortal extradimensional demon that governs over Hell in the netherworld. Mephisto has gone by numerous identities throughout eternity and has used human belief systems to position himself as the epitome of utter evil. Mephisto governs over a tortured swarm of demons and doomed human souls in his burning domain. Despite his tremendous cosmic might, Mephisto prefers to use persuasion to forge corrupt agreements with desperate humanity, making him a very personal threat to Marvel’s heroes.

The origin of Mephisto in comics dates back to prehistoric Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C., he made his official appearance in Stan Lee’s SILVER SURFER (1968) #3. Mephisto was captivated by the Surfer’s strength and noble character. Mephisto lured the former Herald of Galactus to order to corrupt him.

How will Marvel introduce Mephisto?

Mephisto role by Sacha Baron
Actor Sacha Baron as Mephisto (Photo | AP)

Marvel is believed to be bringing Mephisto to the Ironheart series. The writers of the show confirmed that the show would feature more mystical themes. In the comics, The Hood is a criminal fueled by a mystical cloak from Dormammu. It appears that The Hood’s involvement will pave the way for Mephisto to emerge in Ironheart.

Even though the fact that The Hood and Mephisto are both supernatural characters in the comics, they have no connection. It’s plausible that Mephisto is the one who is involved in the Hood’s origin in the MCU. Dormammu has been shelved since Doctor Strange, thus this would be a wise move for Marvel Studios. The actual question is how significant Mephisto’s position is in Ironheart, as Marvel could only feature him for one episode and leave fans disappointed, just like they did in the She-Hulk series. 

Maybe This Ironheart series will only introduce Mephisto; in subsequent series, he will have a greater impact. Mephisto will again return in Agatha: Coven of Chaos. The original Phase 5 schedule featured Agatha Hakness’ solo series following Ironheart, therefore a Mephisto connection between the two projects makes sense.

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