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Is Thor a joke now?

Thor : Love and Thunder has been the most awaited Marvel movie in phase 4 . After Thor Ragnarok fans had high hope for this part also . But unfortunately it really disappointing to say that Taika Waititi’s magic didn’t work this time . Here’s the complete spoiler free Thor Love and Thunder review .

Well the movie is just same as it was shown in the trailer , nothing more than that . Gorr the god butcher is on mission a to slay gods to revenge and Thor is set to stop him with his team , and that’s all . The whole movie maintains light tone , filled with mindless jokes . The jokes become so repetitive that it becomes irritating at one point . There is not a single Wow moment , the action scenes are also not so good . Even the suspense part is also filled with comedy . Well the only good aspect was only Christian Bale in this movie , he tries his best to add dark tone . But as the movie was filled comedy , Gorr character didn’t fit well . Marvel totally ruined this character .

Thor Love and Thunder trailer footage
Stills from new footage of Marvel’s Thor : Love and thunder

Gorr in comic books was far better , scary and deadly . Fans were shocked that Gorr’s main weapon necrosword was also not introduced properly . Taika Waititi completly ruined Thor in this movie . Honestly this movie should be renamed to Lady Thor . The runtime is just 1 h 59 mins , due to this everything goes in fast pace .

At last I want to conclude with note that it’s a one time watch movie . Watch this movie with no high expectation It’s just a romantic comedy movie . The background music is good and only some jokes are really funny . If you are a die hard Marvel fan then should watch in theaters because VFX element is just awesome , or otherwise you can skip this and wait to release on OTT platform .