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Is Stormbreaker alive?

Stormbreaker is a fan favourite weapon since Avengers: Infinity War. Also, it is the most powerful weapon ever forged. After seeing footage of Thor’s axe being the envy of Mjolnir, not always obeying Thor’s instructions, and Thor offering Stormbreaker beer. Many of you might have wondered is Stormbreaker alive?, does Stormbreaker has emotion? or why it feels jealous of Mjolnir? It is obvious to think that way.

So, to prove that Stormbreaker is alive, there are two possible explanations based on facts shown in the movie, and they are interconnected.

Groot’s arm

Groot lifting Stormbreaker
Marvel Studios

In Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1 Groot sacrificed himself to save the whole team. Then to bring it back to life Rocket Racoon took a twig from dead Groot and planted it. From this a Groot was born by this we can say that every part of it has some consciousness in it and it can become alive if planted properly. In Infinity war when Thor faints, teen Groot gave up his arm to complete the Stormbreaker. Due to the handle, part Stormbreaker developed emotions, and feelings and has a little bit of consciousness, to prove this here are two more facts-

  • The Handle also started growing roots when Thor planted it for some time
  • Stormbreaker is getting lengthier over time.

Uru metal

Stormbreaker being jealous of Thor's action
Stormbreaker being jealous
Marvel Studios

In the Marvel Universe, Uru is a particular type of metal that is not only indestructible but also follows the order of the person wielding the weapon ( made of Uru ). Using Mjolnir as an example, we can see that it is a kind of A.I. that understands and obeys Thor’s commands. Mjolnir followed even Odin’s enchantments.

So, based on the information presented above, we may conclude that Stormbreaker possesses Uru metal, which helps it with understanding orders, and Groot’s arm (handle) allows it to feel and react to situations.

Director’s explanation

Taika Waiti director of Thor Love and Thunder

Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder also have somewhat same reason. He said that Groot was a teenager he then gave his hand to make Stormbreaker, so we assumed Stormbreaker was young and was about five or six years. It had to seem like it was in adolescence and going through changes.