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How Thor will return in MCU?

Thor adopts Gorr’s daughter, called Love, towards the conclusion of Thor: Love and Thunder after the villain requests for his daughter to be brought back to life before dying. Thor is now much more related to his father Odin, as both men have adopted an enemy’s kid. Thor is now a caretaker as well as a father. The closing titles reveal that “Thor Will Return,” implying that Thor and Love will bring more future adventures.

Here are several theories on how Thor will return to the MCU and what will happen in Thor 5 –

Forming own team

Thor with Mighty Thor entering Omnipotence city
Thor’s team entering omnipotence city
Marvel Studios

As we can see, Thor is usually excited to work in a group, and he also looked sad when Starlord left him, and he even shared his abilities with youngsters to combat Gorr’s army. Thor may organise his own squad, “Asgardian of the Galaxy,” inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy, with the main goal of maintaining peace and harmony on various planets.

  • Lady Sif
  • Valkyrie
  • Korg
  • Beta Ray Bill ( teased in Thor Ragnarok )
  • Love

Protecting Love

Thor's adopted daughter Love in Thor 4 movie
Thor’s adopted daughter Love
Marvel Studios

Gorr has killed many gods ( it would have been better if these scenes were added in the movie rather than unfunny jokes ). So, the main point is there can be someone or a whole group who are just willing to take revenge for their loss from Love. In MCU Love has become the most unique character, she is born from Eternity. This can be a huge threat for Love because many in universe may attack her to take her powers. She has the weapon Stormbreaker also which unlocks the entrance to Eternity. Because of these above reasons, Thor will face a difficult challenge in protecting Love for the reasons stated above.

Thor 5 might be built on action and father-daughter bonding. This film may also help to build up Love for the Young Avengers team.

Thor vs Hercules

Hercules in Thor 4
Marvel Studios

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Hercules stated that he will beat Thor and avenge his father’s insult. It’s clear that Marvel intends to set two of its most powerful characters against each other. This fight will be as exciting as Thor vs. Hulk since Hercules is the god of strength and beating him in a hand-to-hand fight is practically impossible. He also possesses the Golden Mace of Adamantine, giving Stormbreaker a worthy opponent. According to rumours, Hercules may be portrayed as an antihero in the film, and Thor and Hercules may eventually team up to fight a bigger threat.