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How She Hulk is setting phase 5

Based on the She-Hulk comic book character, Jessica Gao’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is an American television series for the Disney+ streaming service. It is the ninth TV show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), created by Marvel Studios, and it follows the same timeline as the franchise’s movies. It centres on Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who specialises in superhuman cases and who later transforms into the green superhero She-Hulk.

This Disney+ series is laying the foundation for significant plots in phase 5, and it can also be regarded as the most significant project in phase 4 for the reasons listed below –

Setting World War Hulk

World war hulk movie 1 MCU ki duniya How She Hulk is setting phase 5

World War Hulk                                                                                                                                

In the first episode, Walter encountered her abilities after an unidentified alien spaceship caused their car to lose control, crash onto a tiny hill, and injure both protagonists. It was eventually discovered that it was actually a Sakaarian spacecraft carrying a special message for him from the planet, but the episode was primarily about She Hulk’s transformation. This is surely a hidden detail which might set up World War Hulk in the future phase of Marvel movies.

It is strikingly similar to the World War Hulk’s comic book origin. The tale would be different in the MCU, though. According to the episode, a fan theory claims that the Hulk may have engaged in sexual behaviour while on Sakaar, or that Grandmaster may have played a trick on him to let him return to the planet once more. Because he was the greatest champion on Sakaar.

She Hulk as Hulk’s replacement

Nick Fury once said it won’t put an end to the cyclical nature of the trouble. Therefore, another group of extraordinary individuals will need to fill those jobs in order to maintain harmony and peace throughout the cosmos. After Endgame almost all Avengers are replaced by female versions. After the She Hulk series, Jennifer will join the avengers team as a replacement for hulk. Also, recently Marvel studious officially confirmed that She Hulk will play a major role in upcoming Avengers movies.

Connection of Wong, Abomination and She Hulk

Abomination and Wong fighting scene from Shang-chi movie


In this Disney+ series, She Hulk is working for GLK&H, in the law division and according to rumours Abomination will be the client for GLK&H. Jennifer will fight back against the allegations made against him. We will also learn Wong’s motivations for training Abomination and for wanting him to leave Damage Control Supermax Prison. Apparently, Abomination will finally be released from prison in the last episode and will be selected by Valentina Fontaine to join the Thunderbolts team.

Setting up Daredevil

Daredevil in comic accurate costume

Daredevil in She Hulk Disney+

Due to the presence of a few well-known characters from the Marvel Universe, including Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues to generate interest. Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was shown in recent promos for She Hulk wearing  comic-accurate yellow outfit. He might serve as She Hulk’s mentor in this series since they are both superheroes who also practice law, He would help solve the case for Jennifer. It will serve as the basis for the new Daredevil series and the rumoured Mightnight Suns collaboration.

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