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How Kamran got his powers?

Well episode 5 of Ms. Marvel started with scene of partition between India Pakistan on year 1947 . Starting introduction was in vintage style . We got to know that Hasan was the great grandparent of Kamala and as Najma threatened Aisha , Hasan and Sana had to leave India . First 20 minutes of the episode was quite engaging , it showed how Ms. Marvel helped her own grandmother . It completely explains us the Phase meaning ” What you seek is seeking you” . But last 15 minutes was not so good , the screen play was dull . Basically only the last scene made fans exiting that how the series will end . Ok lot of serious stuff were shown in last 5 minutes . It made us question few things like how Kamran got powers etc. . Here are some possible reason to explain this –

Why Djinns got burnt after the touching the Noor dimension

From the starting of this T.V series it was shown that Clandestines ( Djinn ) were trying hard to find the bangle , so that they can get back to there dimension . But surprisingly they got completely turned into ashes , whosoever touched the opening of dimension .

Najma entering to noor dimension
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The possible answer for this simple . Djinn were banished from the dimension long ago and they could not enter even they try to , because there must be some rules in that dimension . They found a way to return home , but unfortunately they couldn’t . Or Djinns needed 2 bangles to open a proper portal to Noor as it was said in previous episodes , but they had only one of it .

How Kamran got powers ?

Kamran comic book look .
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It was completely unclear and it is tough to say what would the possible reason . But if we watch the scene carefully , you can notice that the some part of Noor was touched by Najma . This would possibly unlock some power of Najma . On that instance she could have transferred her Noor energy to Kamran. And she died afterwards. His powers shown in this episode 5 was quite similar to comic book . Where in comics it shown the main power came from Terrigen Mist , It made his body emit bright blue light . In this episode he destroyed drones using Noor energy and his hands were also emitting blue light . Afterall his powers might be different from Kamala .

Captain Marvel cameo ?

Captain Marvel inroduction in ms marvel
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It’s now quite obvious that Ms. Marvel series will end with epic fight between Kamala and DODC ( Department of Damage Control ) . Kamran will get involved in this dispute with DODC and we can expect cameo of Falcon . Falcon can also help Kamala in this fight . At the end we may see that Kamala would be recruited to new Avengers as it was teased already in leaked footage of an event . In the post credit scene or end scene we can see glimpse of Captain Marvel and how Kamala will be exited to see her .