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She hulk can easily defeat these 7 Marvel heroes

she hulk vs Marvel

She Hulk is all set to stream on Disney+ Hotstar, on 17th August 2022. Fans are excited about this series. We will get to see many characters, which they were waiting for so long. Abomination, classic Daredevil with yellow suit, frogman and Titania. Fans are also speculating rumours about Dr Doom because Titania who is … Read more

Ms marvel’s future in MCU

End credit scene of Ms Marvel was among the best element in this series. It created much needed hype for upcoming movie ” The Marvels ” . where we will all get to see Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Kamala together . This end scene connects Ms Marvel perfectly with greater MCU . Possibly Ms … Read more

Ms Marvel is a mutant! explained

is ms marvel mutant

Ms Marvel Tv show ended with bang . This last episode is the best of all six of them . It started with family drama where Kamala revealed about her superpower but her parents knew about that already . On the other hand Kamran and Bruno were running away from DDC ( Department of Damage … Read more

How Kamran got his powers?

Well episode 5 of Ms. Marvel started with scene of partition between India Pakistan on year 1947 . Starting introduction was in vintage style . We got to know that Hasan was the great grandparent of Kamala and as Najma threatened Aisha , Hasan and Sana had to leave India . First 20 minutes of … Read more

How Mjolnir got fixed ?

We saw in the latest trailer of Thor love and thunder that how Jane Foster was holding the fixed Mjolnir and Thor was shocked to see it . There are many fan theories around this scene , fans are guessing hard to find what actually could be the possible reason behind this scene . There … Read more

How Gorr is connected to Venom

Yes ,you saw it right Gorr is connected to Venom as Gorr became god killer because of the necrosword which was made up entirely by symbiote. Here below is the full origin story , how he became marvel comic’s one of the most deadly god killer . Origin Story 3000 years ago , there was … Read more