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Everything about Spider-Man: Lotus movie

Spider-Man is one of the best-known superheroes of all time. His quotation One of the most famous superhero quotes is “with great power comes great responsibility.” Spider-enduring Man’s popularity, however, has little to do with his ability to climb walls, his superhuman strength, or his slightly creepy-yet-cool costume. Fans have adored Spider-Man because he struggles to pay his rent. He wasn’t the most popular guy in school, he didn’t always get the girl. Almost everything about this character resonates with us.

Aside from Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and any of Universe. Our attention was drawn to a separate Spiderman film ( Spider-Man: Lotus). It’s a non-profit fan film written and directed by Gavin J. Konop. He has always regarded this film as his passion project.

Spider-Man: Lotus movie details

Spider-Man: Lotus movie scene
Spider-Man: Lotus movie scene
  • The movie director is Gavin J. Konop. He along with Sean Thomas Reid, and Warden Wayne wrote the narrative.
  • Warden Wayne plays Peter Parker / Spider-Man, John Salandria plays the Green Goblin and Moriah Brooklyn as Mary Jane
  • The budget is approximately $100,000, and it is entirely crowdfunded.
  • It was scheduled to be released in 2022.
  • Basic plot – Peter Parker remains in his past guilt, after the painful death of his past lover, which appears to have been caused because he tried to save her (similar to the ending of Amazing Spider-Man 2). In the guilt state, he decides not to be a superhero again but when Peter is informed that a terminally sick youngster has requested to see Spider-Man, he rethinks the option to console him in his dying days.

Controversy regarding Spider-Man: Lotus explained

Warden Wayne as Spider-Man and Moriah Brooklyn as Mary Jane
Warden Wayne as Spider-Man and Moriah Brooklyn as Mary Jane

This fan film got massive criticism. The original issue involving Spider-Man: Lotus occurred in June 2022, when old chats got leaked on social media showing Wayne, making racist and xenophobic statements. The most shocking fact is that these racist remarks are linked to this movie also. On June 18, the actor issued an apology for statements he made when he was younger, saying he was embarrassed and unhappy at who he was. After Konop criticized the actor’s past faults, multiple fans began uploading pictures indicating that he had equally made racist comments on Instagram. Konop responded to the images, stating that it photoshopped screenshots.

credits – Twitter , Warden Wayne apology tweet

On 3rd September, finally, Konop also opened up. The Spider-Man: Lotus writer and director addressed criticisms about his upcoming film in a 13-minute video posted to his YouTube page. The video was divided into various sections, beginning with an apology. He also clarified how the media exaggerated false screenshots, the problem with the film’s concept art, and the recent announcement that why Lotus VFX professionals had left the project.

Latest update

As a result, Spider-Man Lotus, which was supposed to be released this year, has been completely postponed. J. Konop confirmed that the film will be released soon. He also stated that throughout the year, he will provide updates on my channel. Finally, we as fans will have to wait for this film.

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