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Deadpool 3 will be a multiversal movie

Deadpool 3 is a multiversal movie
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It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, with the recent D23 convention bringing a slew of announcements. However, we received the most fantastic news following the event the big revelation of  Deadpool 3’s release date. We got to know that Hugh Jackman will also join Reynolds in the upcoming film, resuming his act as the legendary Wolverine

They both are overjoyed to be working together on Deadpool 3. According to Forbes, Reynolds has expressed his delight in working with Jackman. He said that he couldn’t be more happier than this. Reynolds stated during the interview. He means, especially in this manner. Finally, He gets to work with some of my best friends in the world, which doesn’t happen every day in the industry. The return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is especially intriguing because he perished in 2017’s Logan. Reynolds goes on to say that he is just as happy as fans to see Jackman return to the legendary character and that he is eager to work with him.

How wolverine will return ?

Ryan Reynolds posted an official YouTube video in which he discusses how Wolverine will return even though he was killed in the Logan film. He stated that Logan takes place in 2029, giving them over a decade to fill in the blanks. Wolverine who emerges in the MCU will discover himself in a world in which there’s no mutant, just as Marvel is planning to incorporate the X-Men into it’s MCU after Disney acquired rights from 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool 3 is a multiversal movie

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Deadpool 3 is a multiversal movie

It is the most frequently asked question on the internet, and fans are impatiently awaiting for official confirmation. However, it is clearly clear in the MCU that Deadpool 3 may be a multiversal film. Here is the reasons which surely explain that it’s true that the concept of the multiverse is involved in this movie.

After Loki season 1, the multiverse was introduced. Creating new branches of the timeline and concept of variants have also been introduced. So this points out that we’ll possibly get to see different variants of Deadpool and Wolverine. Maybe one of the variants gets accidentally teleported to our cinematic universe. And for proof, Ryan Reynolds said these lines in the recent YouTube video ‘every Deadpool needs to stand out, this single handily confirms this theory. And recently Taron Egerton was also rumoured to play Wolverine in MCU.